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The Award Winning PSR

When the Pittsburgh Sports Report was launched as a newspaper in September 1998, it was our goal to bring you the best in local sports coverage. Since our inception, PSR has received numerous journalistic awards and nominations, and has captured four prestigious Golden Quill Awards, given by the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Pittsburgh Sports Report has received a Golden Quill nomination. Editor Tony DeFazio's front page feature on Steelers assistant coach Dick LeBeau entitled "Hall of Fame Bound" is one of two nominees in the category of Non Daily Newspapers - Sports. This year's winners will be announced at a dinner at the Pittsburgh Hilton on May 12. DeFazio's story marks the 14th for PSR.

Last May, PSR's Chris Scarnati received the prestigious Golden Quill Award in the category of Sports, Non-Daily Newspapers, for his June 2006 piece "Catching On," about the minor league Washington Wild Things and their fans. Scarnati's piece had stiff competition - against two other PSR-penned pieces.

George Von Benko's January '06 lead entitled, Birth of the Super Bowl," focused on the efforts of the AFL and their early rivalry with the NFL for superiority and survival. John Mehno's "All Steelers, All the Time," from July '06, was also nominated.

Boxing writer Jim Frazier's June 2005 "A Fighting Chance: Spadafora's Fate Rests in His Hands" took home a Golden Quill in the category Non-Daily Newspapers, Sports. Frazier's story examined the rise and fall of Pittsburgh native and former lightweight champion Paul Spadafora. The writer detailed the troubled fighter's addictions and demons, and the long path back to normalcy he'll face after he is released from prison.

The PSR staff received a Golden Quill in 2003 for their business story on "Sports and Development," and Scott Robertson picked up a win for his May 1999 "Signs of the Times" editorial.

PSR Golden Quill Winners
2007: Chris Scarnati, "Catching On," June '06 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2006: Jim Frazier, "A Fighting Chance: Spadafora's Fate Rests in His Hands," June '05 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2003: PSR Staff (Bob Grove, JoAnne Harrop, John Perrotto, Eric Poole, Scott Robertson, John Sacco) "Sports and Development," May '02 - Business
2000: Scott Robertson, "Signs of the Times," May '99 - Editorial

Additional Nominations
2008 - Tony DeFazio, "Hall of Fame Bound," November '07 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2007 - George Von Benko, "Birth of the Super Bowl," January '06 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2007 - John Mehno, All Steelers, All the Time," July '06 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2006 - Mark Madden, "Mad World: Fighting His Own Battle," January '05 - Column
2005 - Mark Madden, "Mad World: Fatter Kills," September '04 - Science, Health and Technology
2004 - Scott Robertson, "This Is SportsCenter," January '03 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2004 - Bob Grove, "The Economic Impact of Mario," January '03 - Business
2004 - John Sacco, "OPS: Baseball's New Measuring Stick," May '03 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2003 - PSR Staff, "Holiday E-Mail," December '02 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports
2000 - Bob Grove, "Hrdina Finds Range After Getting Defense," March '99 - Non Daily Newspapers, Sports

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