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Tuesday November 29 2022
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America's Team?

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So now we know – again – who America’s most favorite NFL team is and who voted. Thanks, America, I guess that’s why they’re called “America’s Team”. That’s right, the Dallas Cowboys are this land’s most favorite professional football team.

And it shouldn’t shock you; it’s the fifth straight year the Blue Stars were voted into the top spot.

Don’t take my word for it – take that of a Harris Poll conducted in September in which nearly 2,500 adults were surveyed online.

I’ve said for years those television ratings that routinely show the Cowboys getting boffo national numbers always made sense because everyone watches Dallas – the fans that love them and the ones that love to see them lose.

But to say for five straight years the Cowboys are the favorite team of adults who follow professional football? The stats are the stats, but, seriously, who’s a Cowboy fan – someone who likes not knowing what a playoff win feels like? What has Dallas done to build such a consistent – make that loyal – following around the country?

To characterize the Cowboys as most recognizable, for instance, okay, maybe.

But favorite?

There’s no doubt about their profile, but you would think favorite has some sort of basis in winning something. Other than admiration of how Jerry Jones makes money or leverages his brand to make even more money about as effectively as anyone (and he does), perhaps we overrate what factors people consider important in determining their favorites.

While that may drive Steelers fans crazy, here’s their good news: Pittsburgh ranked second, moving up from fourth last year, beating out both Green Bay and New England. That too, however, should not surprise because Pittsburgh always fares well, considering the Steelers haven’t ranked lower than fourth since 2005.

So who voted, or more particularly, who are these NFL fans?

Let’s start with how many. According to Harris, 55 percent of those participating in the survey report they follow professional football, the highest number since 1998. Seventy-one percent are men, 41 percent are women.

With elections in the air, here are political breakdowns: 53 percent of Independents are fans, Democrats follow along three points higher and Republicans are the lead elephants at 62 percent.

If you’re an Echo Boomer – what? – all the way through matures, with stops at Gen-xers and Baby Boomers along the way, the numbers span the 50 percentile.

Ditto that with regional fandom, with East and the Midwest at the top with 58 percent

By race, African-Americans post at 72 percent, the only demographic group in the 70+ club other than men, with whites at 54 percent, Hispanics three percentage points lower.

So, if you’re an African-American Republican baby boomer guy living in the East, you’re an NFL fan.

Oh, and part of the 6 percent surveyed who believe the Steelers will win the Super Bowl.

And, presumably, among the loyalists who voted the Dallas Cowboys America’s most favorite team.

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