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Sunday February 5 2023
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Not Going To Miss The Circus

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The Circus is off and running even if it's not destined to stop in Pittsburgh. Still, I'm not going to miss it. No, there won't be any sword swallowers, fire eaters, lions or nuts hanging onto to bars with their teeth...

But this Circus is going to be just as fun. And, in the case of most of us in Pittsburgh, we can still be part of it by simply turning on the television.

Topics involving the NBA are typically non-starters here, but the Circus that is the Miami Heat crosses so many lines of interest and passions, you are likely aware of it and possibly even intrigued by it.

Let's be clear that when we reference the Circus, we're not talking about the shameful Lebron James-ESPN production, something about The Decision. Nor the network's ridiculous Heat preseason coverage.

All over the top, all presumably “important” to us, when in reality it's only deemed indispensable by ESPN because it fits business interests. Nothing wrong with looking after business interests, but let's just call it what it is.

You can't actually separate what I enjoy about the Circus and that which has been shoved down our throat. All have combined to create the Circus; it's just that I don't need the former to enjoy the latter, at least when I define it simply as--and here's something new--the games the Heat play.

Take, for instance, NBA's Opening Night, ironically presented on TNT and not ESPN. Ernie, Chuck and The Jet once again hosting the best show of its kind on television. Big Tent was in Boston as the Celtics--the team that lost Game 7 of last season's Finals but has been completely overshadowed since--hosted Miami's Heat.

"Old School Big 3" versus "New School Big 3."

As so many of you like to do when it comes to the NBA (“Alice, all you have to do is turn on the last 2:00 of the game!”), let's fast forward to, well, the last 2:00. Celts with a double digit lead and possession. The visitor, off its game almost all night, looks lost.

And what can you hear over the TV? How about tens of thousands chanting rhythmically “OVER-RATED!”

Those would be the same fans who grew nervous when it was a three-point game about a minute later.

Eventually, the Heat lost.

It will actually be more fun this season when they do or when games are in doubt. Every time either scenario unfolds, reactions similar to those in Boston will break out, all part of a team going from Irrelevant to Hated, from the Heat to the Yankees. How those games play out immediately become more interesting.

That's good - because hate is good in sports.

And at The Circus.

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