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Tuesday November 29 2022
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“Under the Lights” may not be the most original slogan for this September’s Notre Dame - Michigan football game, but don’t let that get in the way. The fashion stuff, however, may stop you in your tracks.

Sure enough, just when you thought it was only going to be a football game, the two schools went into the fashion business. What, you didn’t think they’d be playing dress-up, too?

First, back to the lights. By the time you read this, the September 10th Notre Dame at Michigan game will be mere hours away from kickoff. Okay, months, maybe weeks, but close enough you can start to compute it any way you’d like.

To mark the occasion, the game has been dubbed “Under the Lights” and with some reason: it will be the first-ever night game at Michigan Stadium. That’s pretty historic, even if on the verge of being watered down by an athletic administration at Michigan now willing to consider—gasp!—fielding a team mascot. Still, making this the first tilt under lights is indeed a big deal.

It will also mark the first prime time game between the two schools since 1990, so there will be merit to the hype.

So let’s not get this confused with just another football game. And if you’re going to throw a party like this, you can’t wear just anything – either on or off the field. Think your Sunday best, or at least retro uniforms.

As they breathlessly say in those countless fashion shows The Warden watches, they’ve already had “The Reveal” and we’ve seen what both teams will be wearing to the ball. The Irish will go with a white jersey, green trim and numbers, with the most distinctive elements being the helmets with a shamrock logo for the first time since the early 1960’s. Notre Dame’s national title seasons will be stitched into the jersey’s hem.

Michigan’s legacy features what it calls a fusion of uniform design elements from different eras. You’ll immediately note the keen block “M” on the chest and players numbers on the helmets for the first time since the ‘60’s.

The Wolverines will modestly have the words “132 years of championship football”—really?—stitched on the inside collar, and championship years also sewn into the hem of the jersey.

Of course, even though you may not line up on the field, there’s a place for you in the game. You too can be a player by wearing the gear; Michigan is selling its jersey for $80, while adidas is launching an entire fan collection that could practically fill your closet, with all types of fashionable retro items. Have your seamstress on speed dial to stitch some type of personal historical statement of significance into the hems.

Which reminds me – what will Pitt and Penn State have in store?

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